Monster legends thunder

monster legends thunder

Monster Legend Features:: How to Breed a Thunder Eagle % Mobile Breed a Thunder Eagle. Monster legends -how to get Thunder Eagle. Michael hfde. Loading Unsubscribe from Michael hfde? Cancel. The Thunder Eagle Monster is a single element monster that is part of the main core monsters in the game that represents the beginning of the " Thunder ".


Monster Legends - TOP 5 THUNDER Legendary Monsters

Monster legends thunder - ringt

This indicates how fast does it take to breed a X monster between different combinations. By Element Fire Nature Earth Thunder Water Dark Magic Light Legendary. Viktor [Legend, Thunder] Dracontium [Legend, Fire] Dragonian Beast [Earth, Nature] Drazz [Legend, Metal] Drekk [Legend, Nature] Drop Elemental [Water, Magic] Duchess [Magic, Earth] Dusty Fear [Magic, Dark] Eburwin [Metal, Light] Eggeater [Legend, Magic] Eggknock [Dark, Earth] El Dino Volador [Legend, Nature] Elder Sporeling [Nature, Fire] Electrex [Earth, Thunder] Enypiast [Legend, Water] Erebus [Legend, Dark] Erpham [Nature, Magic] Esmelter [Metal, Fire] Esthirel [Fire, Light] Evaranae [Nature, Dark] Exo Skeel [Legend, Thunder] Famperium [Legend, Water] Fampira [Legend, Dark] Fayemelina [Light, Dark] Fenix [Fire, Magic] Fenrir [Legend, Dark] Fightreer [Legend, Nature] Firanda [Fire, Nature] Fire Lion [Fire] Firekong [Fire, Earth] Firelequin [Legend, Fire] Firesaur [Fire] Firesque [Dark, Fire] Firetaur [Dark, Fire] Firus [Nature, Legend] Firyna [Legend, Fire] Flawless [Magic, Light] Flickie [Fire, Dark] Fliploch [Water, Dark] Flirty [Legend, Nature] Fornax [Metal, Fire] Frank S. This is the estimate time of a specific combination to get the desired results, after an average fail times. Tapped Out More Stuff YouTube DC Legends Characters List JOIN LEGOTEEP.


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